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Site Manager, CVs

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Property Manager, CVs

Facilities Management, CVs

Assistant Manager, CVs

Health Manager, CVs

Doctor, CVs

Nurses from Jnr to Matron, CVs

Chief Executive, CVs

Project Manager, CVs

Restaurant Manager, CVs

Co-ordinators, CVs

Operations Management, CVs

Shop Manageress, CVs

Fraud Inspectors,  CVs

Civil Service, CVs

Procurement Manager, CVs

Project Management, CVs

Personal Assistant, CVs

Project Assistant, CVs

Secretary, CVs

Executive Secretary/PA, CV

Administrator, CVs

Database Officer, CVs

Directors CVs

Sales Director CVs

Area Representative CVs

Site Engineer CVs

Oil and Gas Engineers CVs

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Rope Access Technician CVs

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Executive Director, CVs

Business Development Manager CVs

Fire Chief and Firemen, CVs

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Curriculum Vitae Cover letters are a must for many different reasons

It is a matter of courtesy, all CVs should
include a cover  letter correctly addressed     to the Personnel Officer or Interviewer.

It lets administrative personnel know what the

correspondence is about and to what department you

are applying.

It acts as an introduction to your CV

It can emphasise your strengths and     expertise in your given field

It can save you time.  
If you are targeting a specific type of job then you may only need to change your letter to address your new prospective employers.

Handwritten or Email Cover Letters
with CVs and Resumes

I need help with a new CV and cover letter -
Do I really need a cover letter?

Recruiters do not always ask for covering letters but that does not mean to say they do not want one.  Some companies still prefer handwritten letters.  Handwritten letters may give the company you are applying to the opportunity to assess your spelling and grammar abilities without the aid of an electronic checker. Some of the larger companies may even use graphology to assess how the applicant approaches work e.g. does he have a confident, well organised approach, or a sloppy haphazard approach, many things can be revealed from handwriting. If the company to which you are applying are seeking a true personality fit they may well prefer a handwritten letter to electronic email.  

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