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Our Experience is vast and covers hundreds of sectors a few of which you can find  below  - All enquiries welcome!

Global Executives, CV

Area Manager, CV

National Manager, CV
Executive, CVs

Group Manager, CVs

General Manager, CVs

Site Manager, CVs

Leaseholder Managers, CV

Property Manager, CVs

Facilities Management, CVs

Assistant Manager, CVs

Health Manager, CVs

Doctor, CVs

Nurses from Jnr to Matron, CVs

Chief Executive, CVs

Project Manager, CVs

Restaurant Manager, CVs

Co-ordinators, CVs

Operations Management, CVs

Shop Manageress, CVs

Fraud Inspectors,  CVs

Civil Service, CVs

Procurement Manager, CVs

Project Management, CVs

Personal Assistant, CVs

Project Assistant, CVs

Secretary, CVs

Executive Secretary/PA, CV

Administrator, CVs

Database Officer, CVs

Directors CVs

Sales Director CVs

Area Representative CVs

Site Engineer CVs

Oil and Gas Engineers CVs

Offshore and Onshore CVs

Rope Access Technician CVs

Adjudications Officer CVs

Magistrate CV

Contractor CVs

Executive Director, CVs

Business Development Manager CVs

Fire Chief and Firemen, CVs

Policeman, CVs

CVs for Beauticians

CVs for Professionals,

CVs for Specialists,

CVs for IT Consultants and Specialists,

CVs for Graduates, Finance, Agriculture, Music, Business, Commerce, and various other areas.

CVs for Teachers,

CVs for Teaching Assistants

CVs for Ambassadors

CVs for Lecturers,

CVs for Analysts,

CVs for Project Managers,

CVs for Military to Civilian,

CVs for Medical Profession, Drs, Nurses

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CV Specialist, Professional CV writing services offer a wide range of professional and specialist CV Services for people seeking work, promotion or a new contract. Whether you are going into first time employment, climbing up the ladder of success or if you need a new career CV, our CV writing Services will help you achieve the results you want!   We can also offer help with updates, job application forms and cover letters.

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Curriculum Vitae (abbreviation CV)

Do you need help with your CV!  
Professional CV Services est 1996

Preston, CV Writers
Professional CV Writing Services

Are you looking for a new position, a new contract, or even a promotion?  We would be delighted to help!  We use dynamic wordplay and a range of known and trusted strategies to ensure your CV is short-listed and you are invited to interview. We focus your CV so you are seen as the best prospective employee for the position.  Success is guaranteed - our CVs are never overlooked and you will undoubtedly be invited to interview!  We know how!

We are Professional CV Writers promoting Professional and Specialist CV writing services for managers and individuals in the UK and abroad. We originally established in Edinburgh in 1996, with many years experience in recruitment already behind us.  So it came as no surprise that on the first day or opening a small print shop in Edinburgh we were called upon by Recruitment Managers and Recruitment Specialists to help them write their own CVs.  Each and everyone as successful as the last!

Our client base is excessive and covers the whole of the UK and the world in general. Most of our clients' services are managed via the phone and the internet however, if you are living locally, and your calendar permits, we would be delighted to see you. We can offer a one to one consultation via phone or video call and email or for those locally a personal face to face consultation.

Preston, CV Writers, Professional
CV Writing Services

Self founded our CV writing Services originally established under the name of M-PRESS-IF at 1 Grove Street, Edinburgh in 1996.  Now in Lancashire we have large following of clients from all manner of professions not only throughout the whole of the UK but also throughout the world in general.

With over 16 years experience working for major companies, often overseeing hundreds of CVs a day and being involved in the whole recruitment procedure, it was no surprise to find that, when we opened a small print shop at 1 Grove Street, some of our very first customers were indeed Recruitment Consultants.

It seems, we hit on the magic ingredient immediately and our CV writing Services quickly became popular throughout Scotland, England and Wales. People from all walks of life call upon us regularly to use our CV writing Services and we know from the regular feed-back we receive that our large client base in the UK and abroad consider us specialists.

We take great pride and satisfaction in the fact that so many of our clients win through to interview with their first application. Feel re-assured - our CV writing services work! Our experience in CV writing and compilation has helped many, many people who were otherwise overlooked, be seen as the very best fit for a new employee - so you gain more interviews and more job offers.. We are proud to say that some of our clients have even being offered positions on the strength of their CV alone.

We forge dynamic wordplay with credentials, experience, qualifications, capacity and potential so that any prospective employer will see our clients in a positive light and will feel sure that he is making the right choice in short-listing the most suitable candidate for interview.

We offer help and tips on interview strategies and we have a great follow up service so we know if something goes wrong, at interview, there are sometimes ways around obstacles and all is seldom lost.  

Our CV Consultancy Service is highly successful and consistently achieves more than our customers’ expectations.

Whether you are seeking a new career CV, an upgrade, a new contract or a promotion we would be delighted to help!

CV Specialist Services founded in 1996
CV Winners - Highly Recommended by Managers and other Professionals.
Local, National and Global CVs 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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